Afkar e Taza 2018

Afkar e Taza 2018

Afkar e Taza 2018

Rescuring the Past, Reshaping the Future

Afkar-e-Taza (literally ‘Fresh/New Thoughts’), #ThinkFest 2018 is the second edition of an academic literary festival that was organized by the Centre for Governance and Policy at the Alhamra Art Council, Mall Road, Lahore on January 13-14, 2018.

The Festival brought together distinguished academics, writers, poets, artists, analysts, and performers from all over the world. The keynotes were by the 2011 Nobel Peace laureate, Tawakkol Karman and Chairman of the Conservative Party, UK, Rt. Hon. Baroness Warsi. The Alhamra Art Council was converted into an interactive space for panel discussions, theater performances and an art exhibition curated by artist Asad Hayee tited. There was also a Film Festival featuring international films from 6 continents, a Speaker’s corner for author meet and greet, book signings, cultural performances and a Qawwali Night.

جہان تازہ کي افکار تازہ سے ہے نمود
کہ سنگ و خشت سے ہوتے نہيں جہاں پيدا

New worlds derive their pomp from thoughts quite fresh and new
From stones and bricks a world was neither built nor grew



[ Videos of Afkar e Taza will be posted here soon ! ]

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