Our Initiatives

Our Initiatives

MS in Governance and Policy

The programme aims to educate and train a new generation of policy makers, policy analysts and policy influencers. The Centre’s primary goal is to prepare students to tackle real world policy challenges, while also giving them a sound grounding in the theoretical framework, concepts, methods and principles involved in the formulation and analysis of public policy.
The compulsory core courses draw on insights and approaches found within a range of academic disciplines, while the wide range of optional courses encompass contemporary global, regional and local policy issues, to give our students an unparalleled advantage over other similar programmes.

A People’s History of Pakistan

History in Pakistan has always been written from the top. We have no clue about the history of the masses in Pakistan, how they have fared in the country and how they continue to lead the country in various ways. This research will include research papers, monographs, an oral history archive, documentaries, development of apps, and other similar activities. The aim will be to highlight the role of women, labour, peasants, migrants, overseas Pakistanis, religious minorities, among others, in the creation and development of Pakistan. It will lead to a more diverse, nuanced and integrated understanding of Pakistan, and will revolutionise our engagement with Pakistan’s past, present and future. As a first stage we will initiate a documentary series on the history of Pakistan in 2015-16. An exhibition on the 1960’s with a focus on the 1965 Pakistan—India War, on its 50th anniversary, is also being organised.

Track II Diplomacy

In the last few decades it has been very clear that Track II diplomacy has worked in several initiatives around the world. In the context of South Asia, there has been Track II diplomacy primarily in the context of Pakistan and India, which of course has provided dividends. However, with the rapidly changing geo-strategic environment, it is imperative that further Track II dialogues are initiated so that the voice and interests of Pakistan are heard and preserved in the international realm. In 2015—16, the Centre aims to initiate several bilateral and multilateral dialogues to further Pakistan’s interests and mutual cooperation and progress in the region.

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    The Centre aims for several bilateral and multilateral dialogues.

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    Strategies are formed for progress and mutual cooperation for the benefit of region.